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    Elijah Wood photographed by Autumn de Wilde for Oliver Peoples.

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  4. Golly today is beeeeautifal! #shutupsimone

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  8. Anonymous asked: Do you believe in marriage?


    Do I believe it exists as an institution? Yes. Do I think it can work? Yes. Marriage requires communication and work, like any other sort of relationship. Do I think it can work for me? Maybe. I believe I am too young to have a conclusive opinion on it, but I do not have a strong desire to be married. I also believe monogamy is restricting and want so much out of life that unless I can find someone to grow with, I’d rather remain alone.

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  10. And this was after I ate my burrito

  11. Translation- food


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    Miso : Home-made tattoos : Miranda’s hand // studio, Melbourne, 2014
    {traded for a drawing}. 

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    I shall post this to the end of days.