2. photographed by Elise Toide for Vandals Magazine

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  3. "She was like milk - too pale, too pure, too simple. She was made to be spoiled."
    — Sarah Waters, Fingersmith (via opaqueglitter)

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    Steve Bishop
    It’s Easier To Love Your Song Than It Is To Love You, 2014

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    PHOTOGRAPHY: Ghost Photographs by Angela Deane

    With her genius ghost photographs, Angela Deane explores the beautiful, painful, and ultimately puzzling, human condition of having memories.

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  11. All about that tuna life

  12. #thestruggle

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    Curator’s Monday 149

    Lio Yeung (HK) - A is Green R is Red curated by Agnes b

    Lio was graduated in BA (Hons) in Visual communications in Hong Kong. He worked as a senoir art director in advertising in 6 years for Leo Burnett, Grey and JWT. His work has taken numerous prizes in One Show, Cannes, D&AD and TDC in Japan, In 2009, he was awarded Hong Kong Young design talent awards and offer a scholarship to work in Studio Dumbar in Netherlands. Believing commercials can be art, he is studying MA Graphic in Chelsea in London. He set up Art-Glossary magazine with Masa Inaba in 2011 to create a platform for artist and designers to discuss the definitions of art and to share ideas and experiences. With good observation to life and surroundings, Lio wants to explore the obstacles in seeing through paintings and sculptures. Imagining a world which everyone sees physically different scenes, a single object will derive a million possiblities of how it looks like.

    © All images courtesy the artist

    [more Lio Yeung | Curator’s Monday with Mumy]

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