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    The shadows in the apartment act like ghosts. They remind me where I wish you were every day at sunset. You aren’t here anymore. You used to bathe in that light, and it was my darkness that drove you away. Every afternoon I’m reminded of the only part of my life where light was allowed in. 

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    Elijah Wood photographed by Autumn de Wilde for Oliver Peoples.

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  7. Golly today is beeeeautifal! #shutupsimone

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  11. Anonymous asked: Do you believe in marriage?


    Do I believe it exists as an institution? Yes. Do I think it can work? Yes. Marriage requires communication and work, like any other sort of relationship. Do I think it can work for me? Maybe. I believe I am too young to have a conclusive opinion on it, but I do not have a strong desire to be married. I also believe monogamy is restricting and want so much out of life that unless I can find someone to grow with, I’d rather remain alone.

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  13. And this was after I ate my burrito

  14. Translation- food


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