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    Untitled by dearlleila

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  2. "

    My blood was 40% nerves,

    10% gin and half of you.

    I knew if I kept drinking,

    you’d stay.

    I knew if I kept drinking,

    I’d muster up the muddle, mangled emotion

    of how we were one once.

    — finding old poems you thought went down in the house fire. (via cold-brewed)
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  5. writingsforwinter:

    In the soft dirt your mother kneels like a lighthouse,
    cups her hand around a firefly and dims its glow until you are able
    to hold it without fear of being burned.
    Only days later she teaches you the names of every plant in the garden,
    including the ones you already know…

  7. photographed by Elise Toide for Vandals Magazine

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  8. "She was like milk - too pale, too pure, too simple. She was made to be spoiled."
    — Sarah Waters, Fingersmith (via opaqueglitter)

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    Steve Bishop
    It’s Easier To Love Your Song Than It Is To Love You, 2014

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    PHOTOGRAPHY: Ghost Photographs by Angela Deane

    With her genius ghost photographs, Angela Deane explores the beautiful, painful, and ultimately puzzling, human condition of having memories.

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